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It’s never too early or too late to undo the fear-based stories that have been limiting your life, business and relationships for far too long.

I’ve seen people irreversibly transform their lives in just a moment of deep insight, illumination and conscious choice. And although I’ve witnessed thousands of these transformations, I’m still deeply moved by each one.

Working with people to find their own clarity and wisdom is the core of my work.

I bring deep listening, powerful questions, and more than 15 years of helping people untangle underlying patterns and access new perspectives and possibilities.

If you would like to see what else is possible for your life, beyond the limits of your own thinking, I would be honored to speak with you.

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Joshua Benavides

Joshua Benavides

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You want to experience greater happiness, prosperity, success and inner peace.

But the truth is, you struggle with fears, self-doubt, and holding back.

Everything on this website – including my blog posts, books, coaching services and programs – is here to support your growth, evolution and the fulfillment of your soul’s potential.

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One of the simple, yet profound, teachings in the book A Course In Miracles is the following passage: Love holds no grievances. I’ve spent many moons contemplating the truth of this statement in my life. In my own experience, I have seen how in a moment of upset, if...

The Master. The Fatalist. The Choice.

In every human being, there is a Master and a Fatalist. The Master is our Innate Wisdom that is always guiding us, inviting us to open our minds and hearts and expand into greater levels of awareness, love, truth and wellbeing. The Spiritual Master lives within all of...


I Have So Much More Clarity

When I began working with Joshua, I was in a place where I was comparing myself to other coaches and bewildered by the success of much younger individuals compared to me as someone who has been around the block more than a few times.

Now, a year later, I have a hard time relating to that bewildered individual. I have so much more clarity. While that clarity is helping me grow professionally, the personal growth is, well, “profound.” I am calmer, more centered, focused and connected to Source.If you are thinking about working with Joshua, think no more. The experience will leave you a better human being.

Colleen Foley

Founder, The Mindful Chef

Working With Joshua Was Profound

By the end of our time working together I was no longer seeking clarity. I was clear.

If you are considering working with Joshua know that he will not be a coach that tells you what to do. He won’t give you formulas, strategies, and steps – though he will give you the insight you need to really take your business and life to the next level. There were times I felt frustrated and just wanted to be told what to do…but I knew that Joshua wasn’t going to humor that and I am grateful for it. If you’re ready to do deep work and uncover what will truly free you – then Joshua is the coach for you.

Amber Campion

Success Coach, Founder of DRM: Dynamic Release Method

I Am A Different Woman Now Than I Was Before

Even when it was difficult it was amazing! I was on the edge of what I believed about myself and repeatedly Joshua suggested I could jump off and safely fly. And I did, again and again. It was exhilarating!

I am a different woman now than I was before. I believe I can do, be, and have what I truly desire. I would recommend Joshua’s coaching to anyone who hungers for a more vibrant, fulfilling life – for anyone who feels that they’re standing at the window with their nose pressed against the windowpane, looking at the life they really, really want that’s just on the other side. He will help you open the window and soar through.

Debbie Cox

Transformative Coach for Women

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If you're like most of my readers, you want to achieve greater happiness, prosperity, success and inner peace. But the truth is, you struggle with fears, self-doubt, and holding back. That's exactly why I wrote my new ebook, The Inner Secrets of Fearless Living.

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