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Throughout the ages, the world’s mystics, sages and wise ones have been trying to tell us that Reality is alright. Reality is not the cause of human suffering. It’s our thoughts about Reality that causes suffering.

When we Awaken to this simple, yet profound, truth we start to see how crazy (and impractical) it really is to live life as if the better we make our outer conditions the better we’ll feel on the inside.

We start to see how our moment-to-moment experience of life is not coming from the outside-in, but from the inside-out.

The purpose of my work is to help and support you in the process of self-healing, of spiritual awakening and the activation of your highest potential!

My love and passion is to help people like you to discover how magnificent and worthy of love, abundance and peace you really are.

I believe that through an understanding and direct-realization of the inside-out nature of experience (and where wellbeing really comes from), we can all find that often-elusive freedom, clarity and inner peace we are all seeking. 


Since I was a child, I’ve been a lover and seeker of Truth.

By the tender age of 25…

I had already had my ‘energy field’ balanced, had chanted ancient sanskrit mantras, healed my inner child, learned to stretch myself into a yogic pretzel, practiced daily meditation, experienced long fasts, prayed in sweat lodges, learned from native american medicine men and women, tapped on my meridians, ate raw food, mucous-less food and no-food diets, became a personal development junkie, learned how to make a lot of money, found the love of my life, contacted my spirit guides, had past life regressions, explored crystal healing, angel healing, emotional healing, shamanic healing, NLP, EFT, hypnosis, psychic readings, psychotropic plants, spent time with ‘enlightened gurus’, and read thousands of books.

Still, even after all of that (and more!) I felt incomplete.

Until late one evening in 2009, while I was living in a small house on the island of Maui, Hawaii, I had a profound experience that would shift the very foundations of my life as I knew it then.

On this particular night, I came to the end of my rope. I was exhausted. I was feeling so disillusioned with all my failed attempts to find lasting peace. I was ready to throw in the towel and give up, when all of a sudden, from one moment to the next, I woke up.

It was as if time, and the world, came to a full stop. It all stopped spinning. The noise was gone. The words were gone. I felt like I woke up from a long dream.

A deep feeling, deeper than I had ever experienced before, washed over me, and I had a life-changing realization. I realized, in that moment, that all the inner suffering in my life, and everything I was reacting to and feeling, was all coming from THOUGHT in the moment and nothing else. In that timeless space, all that came out of my mouth was a shocking recognition that “It’s all mind stuff”…All of it.

It all came into clear view. I saw how I was unconsciously, and innocently, painting a world with my thoughts, and unconsciously attributing more reality to that thought-created world than to the blank and empty canvas of THE PRESENT MOMENT.

It was as if a huge weight had come off my shoulders. Essentially, I realized I was making all this up, all my problems, fears, struggles, inadequacies, and so on. But that’s not all, because something even more profound got illuminated in seeing all this….

It was obvious that I wasn’t who I thought I was, literally. Meaning, I wasn’t my thoughts. I mean, how could I be if I was the one witnessing them coming and going. I noticed that all my thoughts came and went, all day long, and yet, here was this undeniable, changeless presence that all these thoughts were appearing to.

This recognition felt like a huge inner knot got untangled. It was the deepest relief to recognize that I wasn’t this thought-created, insecure, imaginary character that appeared on the screen of my mind that needed to be fixed, changed, modified and developed to be whole.

On the contrary, it was obvious that the thought-generated character, as well as all my thoughts – good or bad – appeared and disappeared in an empty, formless, aware space within. It also became obvious that I was this formless, boundless, ineffable, present-awareness and that it was all made possible by a mysterious, loving, universal intelligent energy that was the very substance and source of all that is.

For two weeks after this experience, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything but sit in the living room, gazing out the window, with nothing on my mind except a deeply felt experience of indescribable love, stillness, bliss, and beauty. It was the ultimate home-coming.

After this initial experience, a whole series of other “mystical occurrences” happened that ultimately led me to come across a simple, yet profound, understanding of how life works known as “The 3 Principles of Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought” which helped me to simplify and ‘ground’ these realizations into my moment to moment experience.

Since then, I’ve been sharing these 3 principles, or what in some circles they call “the inside-out understanding” of how our moment to moment experience of life is being created, with people from all walks of life. And the results have been nothing short of amazing – I would say, even miraculous.


I’ve witnessed so many of my clients find a level of freedom and inner peace that they never knew was possible.

It’s witnessing these incredible transformations and healing that inspires me to coach, teach and do what I can to end unnecessary suffering and unleash the limitless wisdom and potential that exists within.

If you would like to learn more about how we could work together to help you create a life that’s overflowing with love, meaning and purpose, I would be honored to connect with you.



Joshua Benavides is a self-realization author, coach, consultant and teacher known for his kindness, humor and deep understanding of the inside-out nature of the human experience.

For the last 12 years, Joshua Benavides has coached and consulted with clients from around the world, including CEOs, life and business coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms and people from all walks of life.

Through transformative dialogue and reflection, Joshua helps his clients discover how they are creating their experience of life, moment to moment, via the power of Mind, Consciousness & Thought. As his clients deepen their understanding of the inside-out nature of their experience, they find that the way they see the world, others and themselves radically shift – and their lives transform forever.

He has an ability to listen like you are the most important person in the world and has a knack for helping his clients get to the source of what is hindering their ability to experience and create what they really want in life. He’s best known by his clients for his masterful way of gently pulling back the layers of limitations, stories, thoughts and feelings, to reveal their inherent wisdom, freedom, love and clarity – thus, allowing for transformation and bold actions to naturally emerge.

Joshua Benavides is the bestselling author of Break The Worry Habit as well as The Sun Seeking Light and Overlooking Happiness.

He currently lives in Northern California with his wife, Sarah, and their beautiful little daughter, Naia.

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