Automatic Judgement vs Automatic Forgiveness

by | Jun 13, 2017

One of the simple, yet profound, teachings in the book A Course In Miracles is the following passage:

Love holds no grievances.

I’ve spent many moons contemplating the truth of this statement in my life.

In my own experience, I have seen how in a moment of upset, if we are paying attention, a choice arises with that upset:

“Do you want to stay upset and angry or would you rather forgive and choose love in this moment?”

The choice is actually a simple one once it’s clearly seen that choosing to stay upset and angry is toxic to your own wellbeing while the opposite is the case when choosing love and forgiveness – it’s elevating, en-lightening, healing and freeing.

At one point, I remember looking up the word “grievance” to get a better understanding of what this passage was really implying. Here’s what I found:

Grievance (noun):

A real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint.
A feeling of resentment over something believed to be wrong or unfair.

So another way to understand this passage is:
Love holds no complaints or resentments over anything.

In other words, if love holds no grievances, complaints or resentments… it means:
Love forgives everyone for everything (including ourselves) always and forever.

When I look at the dynamic that is constantly playing out in almost all of us, I see one primary thing:

Automatic Judgement

Most of us automatically judge something as soon as it appears as good/bad, pretty/ugly, like/dislike, etc. It can happen in a millisecond (and often does).

This constant immersion in an imaginary, dualistic world made up of our own judgements and misperceptions creates all kinds of unnecessary conflicts and emotional suffering.

It’s this very dynamic that quickly obscures our Innate Wellbeing – the profound wellbeing that can only be found in the Here and Now – minus our judgements, evaluations, and constant thinking.

What this passage – Love holds no grievances – is inviting all of us to explore as a possibility is instead of Automatic Judgement, we engage in…

Automatic Forgiveness

Automatic Forgiveness means, instead of holding on to any resentments, complaints, stories and anger about the past (even if it happened 2 seconds ago), you release it, let it go and stand in the power of: All is forgiven and released.

It also means that in any and every moment, we can drop our ‘baggage’ and see this present moment with new, fresh eyes free from distortions of the past.

Automatic Forgiveness clears out the clutter of our thinking so that we may be a witness to the miracle, love and beauty of what is actually here right now.

So, wonder:

What would your day be like today if you engaged in Automatic Forgiveness?

What would it feel like today to forgive all your yesterdays and all the people within them?

What would it feel like to automatically forgive yourself for anything you judge yourself for today?

And what if… you held no grievances today and claimed within your own Being that “All is forgiven and released”?

Love holds no grievances.

Love forgives – always.

To your joy and freedom,

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