Bloom Where You Are Planted

by | May 9, 2017

One of the obstacles to genuine transformation and fulfillment is the belief that our happiness, joy and bliss exists somewhere other than here and now.

When we buy into this idea, we set ourselves up to overlook the one and only place where happiness and peace reside: the present moment.

Many of my clients, when we first start working together, come into our sessions with this belief. They’re hoping that the work we engage in will help them create a brighter future. And it does. But not because we focus on the future.

In fact, we don’t focus on the future at all. We only focus on what is actually here right now. And this changes everything.

Once it’s seen that our fixation on a “future now, future self, future happiness” is actually what is in the way of realizing all the happiness, joy, clarity, fulfillment and peace we are truly seeking, we start waking up.

What do we wake up to?

To what is actually here right now.

The secret to genuine transformation and fulfillment can only be found in the present moment.

Whether it’s a change in diet, habits, relationships, spiritual development, etc. What you imagine doing or achieving in the future is nothing compared to the Beingness that you are, right here and now.

Your Way of Being, here and now, is what is actually creating your future.

As the wise, spiritual author Guy Finley once said:

“Being fully present is the best guarantee of a bright future.”

Most people’s Here-And-Now-Way-Of-Being is completely out of alignment with their futurized fantasies. We cannot have what we are not willing to become in Consciousness.

When we stop living in the LaLa Land of our thinking and wake up to the perfection of What Is Now – which is nothing less than your Beingness – we simultaneously begin to wake up from the dream of lack and limitation.

We are hindering our growth and evolution when we’re living in the illusion that our wholeness, perfection and completeness exists somewhere other than here and now.

We can only bloom where we are planted – which is Here and Now.

NOW is the ground upon which we grow and blossom.

NOW is the open secret to everything we truly desire.

When we stop trying to get from “here” to “there”…

And start waking up from “there” to Here…

We immediately begin to blossom, right where we stand.

And our lives transform before our very eyes to something maginificent that is beyond our imagination.

To your joy and freedom,


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