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Success Stories & Endorsements

“When I began working with Joshua, I was in a place where I was comparing myself to other coaches and bewildered by the success of much younger individuals compared to me as someone who has been around the block more than a few times. Now, a year later, I have a hard time relating to that bewildered individual. I have so much more clarity. While that clarity is helping me grow professionally, the personal growth is, well, “profound.” I am calmer, more centered, focused and connected to Source. If you are thinking about working with Joshua, think no more. The experience will leave you a better human being.”

Colleen Foley

Founder, The Be Keeper & Mindful Chef

“By the end of our time working together I was no longer seeking clarity. I was clear. If you are considering working with Joshua know that he will not be a coach that tells you what to do. He won’t give you formulas, strategies, and steps – though he will give you the insight you need to really take your business and life to the next level. There were times I felt frustrated and just wanted to be told what to do…but I knew that Joshua wasn’t going to humor that and I am grateful for it. If you’re ready to do deep work and uncover what will truly free you – then Joshua is the coach for you.”

Amber Campion

Success Coach, Founder of DRM: Dynamic Release Method

“Even when it was difficult it was amazing! I was on the edge of what I believed about myself and repeatedly Joshua suggested I could jump off and safely fly. And I did, again and again. It was exhilarating! I am a different woman now than I was before. I believe I can do, be, and have what I truly desire. I would recommend Joshua’s coaching to anyone who hungers for a more vibrant, fulfilling life – for anyone who feels that they’re standing at the window with their nose pressed against the windowpane, looking at the life they really, really want that’s just on the other side. He will help you open the window and soar through.”

Debbie Cox

Transformative Coach for Women

“I would have no hesitations in recommending Joshua to anybody that wants to break free from limiting beliefs, release your fears and worries and get on with building the life and business you love!”

Carey Peters

Coach, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Health Coach Institute

“Joshua is an extraordinarily gifted and ethical Coach who has the ability to tune into whatever is going on right now and also bring to the surface what’s holding someone back. He then provides clarity to the situation at hand as well as simple tools to release what’s holding you back, so you can live a more balanced life.

I’m often skeptical of most healers and coaches due to my personal experience and seeing so many unethical and manipulative people taking advantage of other’s fears, hopes and dreams. Joshua is the “real deal.”

I recommend working with Joshua to those who are stuck in some aspect of their life and are ready to invest in themselves so they can step up and move past what’s holding them back – or to someone who feels good about where they’re at but wants to take their life and business to the next level in an ethical way.”

Adam Collins

Social Media Expert , Chief Inspiration Officer of Social Strategizer

“Before I worked with Joshua I was very overwhelmed in managing stress, fears, and emotions. Once I started working with Joshua privately, I experienced extraordinary results that significantly improved my life. I felt and still feel at peace with myself, less stressed, more in control of my emotions and my fears are not holding me back. It changed my life in a very positive way. I will always be grateful for this wonderful change. I would recommend Joshua Benavides to anyone.”

Maria Cabral

United Nations Foreign Minister, Africa Development Visionary, Accomplished International Diplomat

“I rank Joshua Benavides as one of the top transformational coaches out there today! I highly recommend Joshua to help you get unstuck, step up as the leader that you are and serve the world in your own unique way!”

Stacey Morgenstern

Coach, Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Health Coach Institute

”I absolutely love the way Joshua targets unseen, limiting beliefs. This program will allow you the freedom to be, do and have that special something that makes your dreams come true. I applaud Joshua for this incredible work of wisdom and the tools you can begin using today.”

Peter Ragnar

The Longevity Sage, Author of 30+ Books

“Joshua takes the most powerful principles I know of to get past limitations and finally live the life you desire – and he makes them easy to understand AND apply. The only thing between us and our dreams is the limitations in our own mind and Joshua is a great guide to help you release those limitations.”

Kristen Howe

Author, Life and Success Coach, Host of 'Manifest Everything Now'

“I doubted that anyone could help me on the challenge I called Joshua with. I am, after all, a full time speaker, ex Tony Robbins coach, NLP trainer, Master Hypnotherapist and the list goes on. But I’m very glad I did. Joshua was able to help me with what was stopping me and move past it quickly and easily.”

Scott Whaley

Peak Performance Coach, President of Real Wealth Speakers and Real Wealth Seminars

“I decided to work with Joshua because he was the one person I spoke with that could slow me down, help me to see my own thoughts differently, and call me out on my crap. He was deft and patient as I began my transformational journey. Joshua is transparent, honest and speaks with an open heart.

As a leader, it’s very rare that someone will tell you the truth-how it really is. He’s helping me to find my own voice in the industry and remain focused and steadfast to my highest vision. I also found him to be a bit of a wizard in all things business and marketing related. I love how he moves between the worlds of business and personal growth with ease and flow.

Joshua helped me to be imperturbable. I experience living in flow on a daily basis. The belief that I had that success comes from struggle and sacrifice has shifted – man I was so wrong. My success now comes from a place of love, an attitude of serving and having fun. I’m taking bigger risks than I ever have in my business and sleeping like a baby. I am open, curious and a ton of fun to be around. I’m no longer fearful of being heard or seen. There’s a new willingness about me – to play, to explore, to try something new without needing to know the end result.

Working with Joshua each week is a highlight for sure. Each week I’d learn or feel something new that would propel me further to my goals and desires. He has a way of getting you to your edge, a few inches out of your comfort zone, without you even knowing it until one day, you realize you are looking back at a line you drew 10 feet behind you. It’s the limitless magic thing he does…and one day you just “see” there are no lines, no limits to what you can do.

Joshua is amazeballs! He will help you see what you can’t see by yourself so that you can move past all your “issues” and become unstoppable. He has a way to help you get really clear about what you want, who you want to be and how you want to show up in this world. If you want to feel lit up from within everyday, feel unstoppable and make a difference in the lives of others – work with Joshua. He’s a magician in getting you to think differently.”

Jenelle Cobb

Integrated Life and Business Coach

“Before working with Joshua BenAvides, I was at a crossroads on where I wanted to take my business. I felt confused, and nobody in my life was able to provide the clarity I needed to figure out which direction to turn. After my session with Joshua, I felt a new sense of peace and clarity. I now have a committed focus that I am excited to implement to expand my vision and center into the life I’ve been manifesting from the start.

Too many opportunities can lead to imbalance, and Joshua really brought me back to my core. I am basking in the power of now; a place where I can move forward into a life in alignment with my mission here on earth. I am grateful that I made the investment to work with Joshua. I highly recommend his coaching for anyone stuck or needing the right push to get your life back on track. I made the right choice in working with him, and will definitely do it again in the future!”

Steven Prussack

Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juicing, CEO of Raw Edge Access, Host of Raw Vegan Radio

I decided to join the group because I had been feeling the desire to work with Joshua. I had worked with him as a part of a holistic business program that I had done, and I really wanted to continue with him; however, individual coaching was out of my price range. So, when he offered the small group coaching, I was ecstatic.

I have loved being a part of this group. Not only do I get to focus on what is currently happening for me in each session and walk away with a profound paradigm shift, I get to hear what is going on for the two others and experience their paradigm shift, which ALWAYS applies to me as well. I love being a witness to Joshua’s coaching, and I feel that it has helped me as a coach.

I have learned over and over during this process, to look not so much at what is being created, but to what is creating (me). I have begun to let go of the need to control outcomes, and what is amazing about that, is that the outcomes that I’ve seen so far have surpassed anything that I have ever imagined on my own. I have a deep sense of peace in my personal and professional life now. So much of the stress that I was experiencing before is gone, because I’m no longer creating it. My business has a good flow of ideal clients as well, because of the paradigm shifts I’ve had.

I highly recommend small group coaching with Joshua. It has been a life-changing experience for me on all levels. The structure of the program, with the weekly group sessions and monthly private sessions with Joshua is a perfect balance, and you will absolutely love it and benefit from it.”

Angie King-Nosseir

Founder of Enlightened Wellness, Functional Nutritionist and Transformative Coach

“Solidify your vision and blueprint into “concrete’ physical reality by releasing your brakes now! You only need two things to succeed. You need to know what you want and you need to make consistent progress towards what you want Joshua will help you on both counts.”

Chris Westra

Best Selling Author of Holographic Creation

“As a therapist and inspired “self- actualizer, I have done a lot of inner work over the years and completely transformed many aspects of my life. But even with all of that good work, the patterns of resistance were still there. They were so engrained and programmed into my cellular memory that they were still holding me back from full stepping into my life. And it was not from lack of commitment or effort. I had come so far in my heart toward my soul’s desire, but kept getting stuck when it came to my life choices.

My sessions with Joshua helped me get to a place in my body and soul that I have not been able to get to on my own or even with an amazing therapist. Coaching and therapy have many things in common, but coaching with Joshua shifted inner patterns that therapy wasn’t able to touch. In addition, Joshua himself is a very special and unique presence in the process. He emulates the joy, the hope, the realism, and the caring that makes the experience even more meaningful and effective.

He taps into the deepest emotional patterns, but keeps things grounded and on track for change in the present moment. Joshua is the one to work with to take you to the next levels. Whether it be in your relationships, your work, your health or any aspect of your life; Joshua will work with you to get to the heart of the matter and, with incredible simplicity and ease, walk you through it and forward into the next phase of your life.

His passion and commitment to YOU, his genuine love for this work, and his wealth of experience along with his authentic and uplifting personality can’t help but create more beauty in your world, no matter which direction you are going! I am very grateful for the amazing changes that have happened in my life as a direct result of working with Joshua!”

Dory Hacker

Therapist and Social Worker

“After working with Joshua, I really became more calm, at ease and focused on the present moment. With Joshua I learned how to release, to let go and to be happier.”

Fred Graef

Entrepreneur, Executive Coach in Brazil

“Joshua always met me where I was. I learned early on that not only could Joshua help me with the nitty-gritty of my business, he could also help me clear the blocks and resistances that seemed to pop up every time I began making progress. Oftentimes I needed to dig into the personal “stuff” getting in the way of my moving forward. I left these sessions feeling lighter, energized, and clear. (I remember asking Joshua once if he had some magic voodoo he used on me 🙂

Other times I just needed to “hammer” out some details for my work such as pricing a program or outlining videos for my blog. I appreciated this forward momentum. I am more aware of my personal patterns that interfere with my business success. I am more equipped to handle those patterns in the moment (even on my own!).

I recommended coaching with Joshua to my best friend! I told her he could help her identify and overcome the hidden fears that keep her in the “start-up” phase of business. I would tell anyone to show up to coaching with Joshua with a willingness to try a whole new way. Force and willpower never worked in the long-term for me. Identifying and eliminating fears is so much more fun and long lasting!”

Alana Fournet

Transformational Wellness Coach, Founder of The Intentional Living Project

“I decided to work with Joshua because I needed someone who would advise me and hold me accountable all at the same time. He helped me think outside the box and it was rewarding every session to know that my business was blossoming. My life has changed since the first coaching session because Joshua taught me not to be afraid of anything and go for everything. Joshua is an excellent coach, teacher, and advisor. He inspired me to know and do better in my business and in my personal life.’’

Salaam Willis

Founder and CEO, Just Living Wellness

“I love Joshua’s warm, gentle energy, his relaxed sense of humor and his strong ability to help me focus my mind and tune in to the sensations I was feeling and release the story and thoughts that were keeping me stuck. The simple but profound exercises he led me through were highly transformative and way more effective than any exploration, analysis and talk therapy I’ve tried in the past around a particular issue.

Since working with him, I’m not so hard on myself when it comes to tackling my “to do” list when building my business. I’ve learned to honor my rhythm and trust that what needs to get done will get done – and now I’m getting more done! I trust myself and I’ve let go of “needing approval” from others in business. I’ve moved forward in setting up my business: securing office space to meet with clients, hiring a bookkeeper, consulting with a lawyer, getting my permits/licenses, etc. Simple, basic steps, but fear and overwhelm had kept me from taking even those steps. Not anymore!

Joshua is an excellent coach. Once you establish rapport and are honest about what’s holding you back, Joshua can help you move beyond the issue that’s keeping you stuck. I highly recommend working with him.”

Michelle Brass

Holistic Health Coach

“I’ve worked with Joshua through many life and business changes since 2011. As I look back, it seems he was intuitively *future pacing* my vision… even before I understood what was going on in my environment. I am grateful that Joshua has continually helped me see a bigger vision and has always been there, lovingly helping me evolve into the next iteration of my authentic self expression.

I am truly a completely different person. And I love who I am and what I am up to!! Joshua is AMAZING at lovingly holding space for you to see your larger vision, while helping you “drive” to a bigger vision. At the same time, Joshua helps you realize that “driving” is completely untrue and unnecessary…and that by changing your inner world, your outer world and experience and success shifts exponentially. It can be gentle or profound. Get ready!”

Linda Rasch

Coach and Founder, Vibrant You Living

“Before working with Joshua I was hiding out in my business, constantly going between fear, excitement and uncertainty. During our time together I was able to step up into a completely different level. In each session Joshua brings focus, clarity and a well of wisdom! With his secrets I was able to sign up my first Private platinum client for $5,997 in less than an hour and 35 min prior I signed up a woman to my group program for $3,997.

No more delayed closing the deal conversations, they are now more effective than ever. In 38 days I generated $36,740 which is my highest income in that time ever! I received so much information in our sessions and there’s nothing he has not been able to help me with, from copywriting and preview launches to fear and leverage!”

Julia Magnusdottir

CEO and Business Coach, Lifdutifulls

“Connecting with Joshua is an incredibly powerful experience. He was able to get to the deep core of what was holding me back in moments and with his inspiring skills and intuition he guided me to a new understanding of my limiting beliefs and a sense of choice and freedom. I have never experienced such a profound shift in just one session! Joshua’s approach is direct, yet warm and inviting. His enthusiasm and positivity shines through and makes him an absolute pleasures to work with.”

Andie Jones


“I’m much more aware of where my attention is… In general, I am more accepting and welcoming and happy to be allowing my spirituality to blossom… I highly recommend this coaching program for anyone that is welcoming or searching for a way to be happier.”

Denise Ward

Entrepreneur, Mom

“Joshua instantly establishes an easy connection and creates a supportive space for powerful work to get done. If you think you’re too much in your head for this approach to work, you’ll be surprised. Joshua helped me not only tap into strong emotions and limiting stories I’ve been holding onto, but empowered me to welcome the intensity of those feelings and then let them go. I can’t believe how much progress we made during our time together!”

Jennifer Purrenhage


“I decided to work with Joshua in helping me release the feelings I had carried with me for many years of feeling stuck or somehow not capable of achieving true freedom. I experienced amazing breakthroughs and clarity. I shifted from feeling overwhelmed and confused to feeling free and empowered. It was indeed a life changing decision. I am very grateful. If you are ready be more alive, awake and aware of who you truly are and want to become who you know in your heart you are, then I highly recommend you work with Joshua.”

Julie L.

“Working with Joshua was very powerful and empowering for me. Joshua is so supportive, grounded, and an expert in his coaching skills. During our time together, I was able to to look at some old limiting beliefs, release them without judgement and with EASE. I feel more connected to my true self and voice.

He also gave me very practical step by step instructions on how to move forward in my business in an area I was struggling in. I would recommend Joshua to anyone! We all have limiting beliefs/patterns/imprints that get in our way of being the most amazing, authentic, versions of ourselves. Why waste time trying to sort through this on your own? Call Joshua NOW!”

Joanne Cohen

Founder, The Women’s Medicine Way

“Before working with Joshua I was quite aware of where I was stuck. I was even aware of where this problem originated for me. I’ve done a fair amount of work around this area over the years, yet, in just 30 minutes with Joshua, I had a mind-blowing A-ha moment!

Joshua guided me to the place where I had a total paradigm shift regarding how I experience this issue. They were 30 very powerful minutes for me, while the shift itself was almost instantaneous! I left our session feeling energetically lighter and more liberated than I have in years. I know that I will take what I learned with Joshua, and put it into practice in order to move forward in my life. Working with Joshua Benavides is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Judith Mizrahi

Wellness Coach

“On the surface I appear to be a strong and confident woman. When I decided to start my own business at 53 years old I was very focused and passionate about my path. However, each step I took forward, I felt something holding me back, tugging on me from behind. Joshua helped me identify the limiting beliefs that were creating roadblocks along my path, and together we removed them so that I could move forward and embrace my dreams.

He has a true and sincere approach that helped me bring the silent whispers that were holding me back out into the open so we could address them and kiss them goodbye! I felt truly empowered. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you Joshua!”

Judy Banks

Coach and Founder, Inner Mom

“Thank YOU for the session to release and let go of anxiety, stress and to move forward to serve others in a big way. After our session there was a shift. I’m feeling so calm and peaceful. How brilliant your asking me to welcome as opposed to resisting all the uncomfortableness. By bringing it forward I feel I was really able to “LET GO!” You’re a dear person and very gifted. Thank you again for your graciousness.

Kathryn Jost


“Joshua took me through a process that allowed me to release a significant issue that has been with me for decades, and has unquestionably contributed hugely to some untrue beliefs and limiting behaviors that have not served me, or anyone else. When we began our session I had an enormous, sometimes almost debilitating “charge” around this issue. By the end of our time I had a profoundly different understanding about it. To say it was life changing is not remotely an overstatement. I am so grateful to Joshua for what we were able to accomplish together.”

Kim Frazier

Health Coach

“I worked with Joshua to release some of my money junk that brought with it pain, anger around the lies I grew up with, and physical pain in my body. It was a very positive experience, an incredible sense of cleansing and release – to really let it go, and feel good about releasing the emotion through the physical body.

Joshua is very warm, gentle in his guidance + he received me with a very supportive and safe space steeped in patience, understanding + compassion. As a fellow healer, he reminded me of the valuable work that we are ALL doing to heal the world. In order to be more effective in my efforts, I must also heal myself. My deepest appreciation to Joshua for his gift.”

Maria Camacho

Health Coach

“Joshua’s gentle manner led me towards my freedom. There wasn’t any screaming or crying just some gentle nudging that helped me see what was holding me back and why. I went from paralysis to empowerment. After working together I felt relief, excitement and a firm belief in myself.”

Maureen Wielansky

Health Coach

“Working with Joshua has given me some wonderfully focused tools to enhance my purpose, my lifestyle and to create more tangible structure for “getting it done” so that I can feel my freedom while I work or play!”

Meredith Holcomb

Founder, MYoga Studio

“My session with Joshua allowed me to identify limiting beliefs that were showing up in my life, and were influencing my day to day actions, however I had no idea how much harm they were causing me. Through Joshua’s gentle approach, I was able to observe these patterns and let them go. What a relief this has been for me! I feel so much lighter, clearer, and empowered.

Joshua has powerful positive and healing energy. I felt very safe, and supported which allowed me to bring to the surface painful thought patterns and to diminish the emotional charge attached to them. This has helped me to move through the blocks I had been having that were keeping me in my perceived safe zone. However, in reality it had been causing me pain because deep down I knew I was not living up to my potential.

I highly recommend working with Joshua if you have any areas of your life where you feel stuck, and don’t know how to move beyond it.”

Michele Pauker

Health Coach

“Working with Joshua has been so EXPANSIVE to my experience! I signed up for another round. He has helped me to tap into more joy, clarity and ease. I am feeling lighter and freer than ever before. It’s what I signed up for and more. Joshua is calm, joy-filled and tapped in. He is beautiful. Just say yes! I am so grateful I did.”

Nichole Eckman

Hairstylist, Yoga Instructor

”Before I worked with Joshua l was excited to fulfill my vision as a holistic health entrepreneur. However, I was overwhelmed, overworked, and unsure of how to pull it all together. During the time that I worked with Joshua, I was able to release some major inner blocks and embrace my deepest reasons for doing the work I do. Joshua’s work is a great combination of the spiritual and the practical. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to build a business from the heart.”

Patricia Black

Women’s Vibrant Health Coach

“Joshua’s program really is an easy thorough walk into what “sticks” us. In Buddhism we know it as Shenpa…the “hook”, the sticky urge to stay stuck in patterns that are old and familiar. Joshua, with loving-kindness, opens the door another crack into uncovering the unfolding freedom in each and every one of us. I encourage you to dive in and take a look at what’s holding you back.”

Sybil Nance

Spiritual Teacher, Yoga Instructor

“Joshua is my guide for changing my life. He does this by altering my thinking and ways of being. I have significantly more vitality, my brain is clearer, and I sing instead of mope. My life has opened to possibilities I couldn’t imagine in the past. Joshua is truly a world class coach. I consider it an honor and privilege to work with him.”

Teresa Allred

Former CEO, Ontic Engineering and Manufacturing

“With Joshua’s help I have been able to improve the quality of my life and transform my heart. I have lost weight and seen improvement in the quality of my relationships and in my business. I have made a true life transformation.”

Tracey Olmstead

Massage Therapist

“Joshua’s program empowers you in ways that most can only dream of. Never before have I had the opportunity to learn so much about myself and to accept that I had the power within myself to create the life I envisioned. Imagine having the support of someone who encourages you to follow your heart and live a life that you love. With Joshua’s encouragement I was able to exceed all my expectations and start a whole new direction for the rest of my life. If you feel like transforming your whole being and if you are ready to be immersed in an optimistic upbeat environment, then Joshua is the person to guide you there.”

Victoria Reed

Wellness Coach

“Before deciding to work with Joshua, I suffered with severe anxiety. I was living a constant nightmare, feeling trapped and not knowing how to get out. This fear lasted for close to 6 years. I diligently practiced acceptance, letting go and meditation, yet the anxiety was still there. The best gift was finding Joshua. He helped me to realize that I was holding on to the past and I needed to let go of “my story.” I was desperate for help and decided to work with him. That day, my life changed.

I was thrilled to have followed through with working with him. After the second session, I had let it all go. That easily. I felt peace regarding my past and truly released all I was so desperately clinging to. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s as if I’m looking through different eyes.

I love learning from Joshua and take advantage of the courses he has to offer, as well. He’s got such an ease about him, making it a breeze to work with him. He explains things so well and walked me right through it. Joshua helped me to be here, in the present moment. Allow Joshua to be the key to open you to your freedom.”

Wendy Mackinnon

Hairstylist, Yoga Instructor

“Joshua has an infectious energy, an upbeat personality, and the ability to deliver his thoughts and message in a clear and concise manner. He is skilled at offering challenges and constructive feedback, while remaining supportive and encouraging. I have attained clarity of my vision, which is to provide my clients with fundamental information to improve their health, while following up with a solid emphasis on mindset shifts and spirituality. I now have the confidence to move forward in full pursuit of my career goals.

Joshua is an amazing, honest, and responsible coach. He was always there to follow through on his commitment to my success. He offered valuable feedback and creative ideas, and possesses an overall exuberant and loving attitude.”

Heather Riggs

Founder and Transformational Nutrition Coach, Her Breakthrough

“When researching coaches, I found myself drawn to Joshua for his spiritual, intuitive nature. Joshua quickly tuned-in to where I was stuck & provided me with the insight I needed to let go of a long—held limiting belief that had been holding me back. Joshua encouraged me to slow down to get clear. He has a way of exuding peacefulness as he explores with you the possibilities of where you need to go. He will support you and help you to hone in on what’s most important for you. Along the way, you will have self-discoveries that will enhance your personal journey & catapult you toward success.”

Janel Cruz

Founder and Transformational Health Coach, Full Life

“Before my coaching sessions with Joshua I didn’t have a clear vision for my coaching program. I knew I had a passion, but I didn’t know how to turn it into a program or how to structure the program. With Joshua’s no-nonsense direction and valuable feedback I was able to develop a phenomenal coaching program! What I liked most about Joshua was his insight into what was really going on and what was holding me back. With every call I would get more clarity on what I really wanted and I always got off the phone inspired. If you want someone that’s going to truly listen to you and get you where you want to be, Joshua is the person you need to see!”

Julia Nicholson

Professional Cheerleader and Founder, Healthy Sexy Life

“I enjoyed Joshua’s calm and steady approach. While working with him I felt as though he was really listening and trying to laser in. For the first time I feel clearer about who I want to work with and where I would like to focus. I’m also more aware of the thought limitations I have and aware of how much they were holding me back. Joshua helped me to take away some of the “shoulds” and simply focus on having transformational conversations with people. I have had more coaching conversations and made more money doing this work than I have before. He’s very grounded, relaxed and a great listener.”

Shahara Mattingly

Founder, Compassionate Carrot

“Before I started working with Joshua, my sister had told me about the work she had done with Joshua. She was so much happier and healthier that I had to try it. Joshua is so easy to talk to about anything. He has a very comforting voice and demeanor that allows you to relax and feel very safe and comfortable. He allows you time to collect your thoughts to speak freely and he genuinely listens.

Since working with Joshua, my life has been less stressful. He taught me a way to relax and release the troubling thoughts that can build up in my mind. I have been able to release memories from the past that have haunted me whether consciously or subconsciously and allow me to move beyond the emotional component of them. I can also take day to day stressors out of my emotional space so that I can move forward and not dwell upon them. This allows me to work with the people who may cause me the stress. I would tell my best friend that Joshua will change your life.”

Tanya Hayes

Mom, Event Manager

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