My Word For 2018

by | Dec 19, 2017

Many of my clients know the power of living with an idea, being devoted to it, and seeing the shifts that come with that.

Sometimes it’s a phrase like “Don’t worry, just do it!”

And sometimes it’s a word like “Release.”

I’d like to share with you my word for 2018 because I believe it packs quite the punch.

To me, it’s more than a word.

It’s a lighthouse.

It’s also a word that very few people have ever heard before, and even less, talk about.

That word is: Entelechy (noun)
(pronounced: En – TEH – leh – kee)

It’s a word coined by the philosopher Aristotle that refers to the dynamic purpose and full-realization of potential encoded within all things (including you and I).

Aristotle referred to is as the “end within” – that which something is meant to become when it has actualized it’s full potential.

For example:

== The entelechy of a caterpillar is a butterfly.

== The entelechy of an acorn is an oak tree. 

== The entelechy of an apple seed is an apple tree that bears fruit.

It’s what I like to call the “Highest Version” of a thing – it’s fully actualized state.

Some wisdom schools consider the Entelechy within to be a vital, intelligent force that is propelling each of us to become the highest version of ourselves and to live out our inspired destinies – our ‘meant and made to be’s”.

So, your Entelechy is the highest version of you that, like a seed, is already encoded within you, simply waiting for the proper conditions to be met so that its potential can be unlocked and expressed into the world.

And that, my friend, is the key.

You can unlock the potential of anything if and when the proper conditions are met for that potential to be released.

A seed needs proper soil, water, light, etc.

Take away any of these vital ingredients and the seed may never sprout.

For me, 2018 (and perhaps the rest of my life, lol) is about becoming my Entelechy and aligning all that I am – including all that I do, say and create – with my Entelechy.

We all have an inspired destiny encoded within us.

It’s the highest version of you that you are meant to become.

And thankfully there is a deeper wisdom and intelligence within that is guiding every step of the way.

We’re always only one thought away from the proper condition that allows for our potential to be actualized.

So that’s my word for 2018.


Big love and blessings!

I’ll be in touch soon as there are some BIG things moving and aligning for 2018 and if you’re reading this, you’ll be one of the first to know all about it.

Until then, if you haven’t watched my 2018 Video Message & Invitation, I invite you to watch it now:​​​​​​

Here’s to your Entelechy!

With all my love,



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