The Master. The Fatalist. The Choice.

by | Jun 6, 2017

In every human being, there is a Master and a Fatalist.

The Master is our Innate Wisdom that is always guiding us, inviting us to open our minds and hearts and expand into greater levels of awareness, love, truth and wellbeing.

The Spiritual Master lives within all of us.

Every time we slow down enough to drop our fixation with the contents of our thinking, the Master within comes forth as a deep, sweet feeling of wellbeing.

This feeling reveals the innate perfection and beauty of NOW.

It affirms, with a feeling of profound peace, that there is never anything to fear – no future to worry about and no past to feel shameful about.

The Master within us all isn’t some imaginary guru with a big beard and an Indian accent. On the contrary, the true Master within has no form and is the very the awareness that is hidden in plain sight, just behind every thought.

It only knows of that which is eternal, therefore it only knows this moment, here and now, because Now is all there is.

The Master is the self-realized creator within that knows the future can only be experienced here and now and  is therefore determined by who and what we are Being in this moment.

To the Master, it’s all about Being. It’s all about Presence. It’s all about consciously creating the appropriate inner condition for the innate potential within to activate and flow in, through and as our lives.

The Fatalist

The Fatalist, on the other hand, lives in another universe – a universe made up of Thought.

The Fatalist lives in a constant state of resignation – resigning itself to the negative thought-created projections of a future that is seen and felt as inevitable.

The Fatalist only sees “doom and gloom” and lives in constant worry, fear and doubt.

Unlike the Master who’s only focused on the eternal Now, the Fatalist is always focused on the illusion of ‘not-now’.

The Fatalist is that dynamic within us who’s home is the La La Land of our thinking.

The Fatalist is always imagining things not working out. To the Fatalist, Life is not for you but against you. Life is struggle, lack, deficiency and survival.

The Choice

We all have these two dynamics unfolding within us in every moment.

Both dynamics are expressed via the same channel: Choice.

We are either making choices from the La La Land viewpoint of the Fatalist, or making choices from the silent wisdom of the Master.

In every moment, we are either expressing the Master within us that sees through the thought-created illusion of lack, inadequacy and fear…and brings forth the higher awareness of love, abundance, peace and wellbeing to everything we think, say and do.

Or we are expressing the Fatalist’s tendency to see lack, limitation, things not working out, and things falling apart.

I encourage you to notice this dynamic playing out in your daily experience.

Notice when you’re aligned with the Spiritual Master within you. The clearest sign of this alignment is that you can be sitting right here and right now, without wanting anything – simply being aware and feeling the sweetness of life happening.

Also, notice when you’re aligned with the Fatalist within you. The clearest sign of this alignment is that you’re anywhere but here and now. You’re in the La La Land of your thinking and feeling insecure about everything.

When this happens, know this…

There is a choice that changes everything.

This choice becomes easy to make when you realize that when you let go of something of a “lower order” it automatically gets replaced by something of a “higher order.”

What this means is: The moment you see the Fatalist dynamic within you, if in that moment you simply choose to let it go, to not keep spinning in the La La Land of Thought which is the Fatalist’s kingdom…the Master begins to reveal itself in that very second as a sweet feeling of Presence, unconditional love, fulfillment and peace.

And if you stay with that feeling, all the answers, insights and solutions you’ve been searching for begin to reveal themselves.

To your joy and freedom,


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