The Untrue Story Of YOU

by | Oct 11, 2017

Many people tend to judge and compare themselves to others.

Many tend to see themselves smaller, less than, and not as good enough as others.

Perhaps you find yourself doing this throughout the week?

If so, here’s a question I bet nobody’s asked you:

How can you measure yourself when there isn’t a solid “you” to begin with?

When we examine the “you” you take yourself to be, we always find the same thing:

There is only a story of you.

So when you’re comparing “yourself” to “others”…

You’re actually comparing a story of ‘you’ that you take yourself to be with a story of “someone else” that you wish you were.

But no matter how you look at it, it’s just a bunch of stories.

None of them are you.

It’s all fairy-tales.

It’s all thoughts.

This dynamic of taking yourself to be a story is often the only thing getting in the way of you being the unlimited, creative power that you are.

Unless you stop to question this story of “you” that you take yourself to be, you keep creating it.

It keeps showing up.

Oftentimes, because there’s no other choice.

You haven’t seen one yet.

So you continue to create the only “you” you think you are limited to being or that you’ve been taught to be.

However, the moment you being to question who and what you think you are, you discover something profound and deeply transformative:

There is no solid “self”.

All you find is stories, images, ideas, thoughts.

And as you drop your identification with these false identities, you discover yourself to be so much more than you could ever imagine:

The unchanging nature of what the story of “you” flows out of.

So let me do my best to remind you of something that I hope will help.

You are a creator means…

You are pure creativity.

To be even more accurate:

Creativity is what creates ‘you’.
Creativity is all there is.

Creativity has the power to create a distorted, limited “you”… or a reflection of it’s nature which is unlimited.

Thought is pure Creativity.

Thought-Forms, such as the story of “you”, are the product of creativity.

Creativity is pure potential.


Capable of being anything and everything.



You are That.

So I leave you with this reminder from a wonderful Being:

“Until you genuinely realize that you are not the “you” you believe yourself to be, you are not free to be more.”
– Byron Katie

With all my love,


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